About Camps Bay Accommodation

About Camps Bay Accommodation in Villas and Apartments

Various companies have come together to form what is now the My Leisure Group. Together, these have been in the industry for more than 6 years but prior to joining forces were leaders in their respective fields. By bringing together expertise from these companies, we are able to offer our clients the best service possible. Our services include a comprehensive property management package as well as brand creation, marketing and rentals.

My Leisure Group is made up of different companies which have come together to form a powerhouse in the short-term rental industry. After 6 years in the industry, we at the My Leisure Group can proudly offer our customers an all round service when it comes to property management, brand creation, marketing, setting up virtual tours and holiday accommodation rentals. We know that it is important for our clients to capitalize on their property investment, so with this in mind we can put together a package that will ensure you receive the highest returns on your investment.

We make use of comprehensive marketing strategy and brand creation for your property. By making use of professional photography and putting together virtual tours of your property as well as making use of various search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your property receives maximum online exposure.

Our vibrant and energetic team are always coming up with new and fresh ideas, combined with the use of the latest technologies we're always ahead of the curve. Our resourcefulness and dedication to servicing our clients ensures that we maintain high standards for the work we do.